Taking the Resistance out of On Hold Marketing

NBX OHM is a user friendly application that comes with an extremely easy user interface which allows you to quickly add Music and Messages to your NBX phone system. You or yourr hired voice can simply call into your NBX phone system and leave messages and your NBX OHM can auto-discover the new messages and within momments your NBX On Hold Messaging is updated! No more monthly services or clunky disks or tapes to manage. NBX OHM also comes with hours of license free music and sample scripts.

NBX OHM will run on any Windows PC running XP/2003 and must have a soundcard. It is necessary that the PC be located close to your NBX Phone System, because you will be using an audio cable to stretch from your PC's Soundcard to the front of your NBX.

NBX OHM Web Server is embedded in the application, for easy administration

See detailed setup with screen shots here

Download the software here

Contact your NBX Dealer for Price and installation assistance


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NBX On Hold Marketing