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The NBX is a great phone system!! Feature rich and still head and shoulders above most IP phone systems today. 2014 is the 16th year that the NBX Phone System is alive and well. This site shows you many options for your NBX phone system and we suggest you get your NBX 100, NBX V5000 and NBX V3000 systems, keycodes, licenses, phones, software and parts from our sponsor, Metropark Communications.


NBX System owners and dealers qualify for Special NBX Pricing or call 866-NBX-HELP


NBX Keycodes and License
Where to find your S/N and submit it for keycode ordering.

NBX Record-a-Call (VegressRecord)
Record your NBX Inbound or Outbound calling with Vegress Record for NBX Systems. Requires T1/PRI services and NBX 6.0 or later software. No Tapiwav drivers needed

NBX Outlook Call Pop (OCP)
On incoming calls, Outlook Call Pop displays who is calling you based on a match with your Outlook Address Book. Perfect for busy executives or agents needing to talk and access information fast!

NBX Fax to the Desktop (VegressFax)
Now you can fax from your desktop and receive faxes in your email with VegressFax. Requires T1/PRI services, web browser, and works in front of your NBX. No Tapiwav drivers needed

NBX On Hold Marketing (OHM)
NBX OHM is a user friendly application that comes with an extremely easy user interface which allows you to quickly add Music and Messages to your NBX phone system. You or your hired voice can simply call into your NBX phone system and leave messages and your NBX OHM can auto-discover the new messages and within moments your NBX On Hold Messaging is updated! No more monthly services or clunky disks or tapes to manage. NBX OHM also comes with hours of license free music and sample scripts.

NBX Unified Mail Exchange (UME)
Make your NBX and your Exchange Server work together. Each voice mail received by your NBX can now be shared with your Exchange Server without headaches!!

NBX UME Comsentia
Performs similar to NBX UME but completely re-written to work with Exchange 2007 (or later) and has advanced features and easy setup

NBX Call Cost Auditor (CCA)
NBX Call Cost Auditor (NBXCCA) is a great tool designed to help any NBX user with the tedious detail of putting costs on your outgoing calls.Great for Attorneys, Accountants, Tenant shares, or just about any office interested in costing out your outgoing calls

NBX DataSync (download)
Export and Import your NBX Account Codes and your System Speed Dial Databases using your simple CSV files. Yes, this great tool will let you quickly add or remove account codes or system speed dial numbers from a CSV and quickly update the NBX database in seconds!! works with NBX 5.x and earlier releases.

NBX Teleworker - Tunnelwatch
TunnelWatch eliminates the problem of a dynamic IP address requirement of a 3Com VPN tunnel. The server, or host component runs at the main location on a server, and for each remote location there is a TunnelWatch client that runs on a PC. Once a new dynamic IP address is sent to your home connection, Tunnelwatch goes into action, establishing a new VPN to HQ, and reprogramming the 3Com 5012 router.

NBX Phone Labels
This POP!Form tool allows you to make your own labels for your NBX phones. Fixed Font program covering all the NBX Phones.

NBX EZ 3102 Executive Phone Label Template
This word document lets you use all your PC's fonts and colors. A must have for those needing bigger fonts or colored fonts for EZ viewing.

NBX EZ 3105 Operator Adjunct Label Template
This word document lets you use all your PC's fonts and colors. A must have for Operators or Adjunct Users

NBX Spare Parts
Looking to repair or replace some broken pieces or parts of your NBX, this site will have most of what you are looking for call 866-NBX-HELP for detailed sales help.

Another great source to get all your NBX and VCX phone supplies and assistance

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